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  • What happens after I successfully submit a quote request?
    You will receive an email with pricing for those rooftops that have availability on the requested date. One of our friendly representatives will follow up with you via email or over the phone to answer any questions that you may have and to help you secure the requested date.

    We will work on your behalf to line up the best priced rooftop facility that accommodates your outing requirements.

    *** Availability and pricing are subject to change until a contract and deposit are confirmed by the Rooftop Booking manager.
  • Is it required to have a registered user account to submit a Quote Request?
    All visitors can Request a Quote at our Get Pricing page.

    It is not a requirement to be a registered user in order to submit a quote request.

    A registered user bypasses having to enter in personal information when Requesting a Quote for rooftop tickets or for transportation needs. Registered users also have the ability to write Customer Reviews for each of the individual rooftops.
  • What do I need to bring on the day of the game?
    Remind all guests who are planning to consume alcohol and that are over the age of 21 to bring a valid ID card.
  • What happens if it rains the day of the game?
    Each rooftop has its own policy.

    Please check our Compare Rooftops page.
  • Can an individual younger than 21 attend?

    The minimum age varies by rooftop and some rooftops discount their pricing for guests that will not be consuming alcohol. Please check with your Rooftop for details.
  • Is there assigned seating within the bleacher section of the rooftop?
    There is no assigned seating in the general admission bleacher section. Availability is based on a first come; first serve basis.

    Some rooftops provide exclusive seating for private parties, please check with your rooftop for additional detail.
  • When are the most reasonably priced games?
    The most reasonably prices games are April, May, on Sundays, and on Holidays
  • Is there a minimum party size?
    Each rooftop has its own policy.

    Please check our Compare Rooftops page.
  • Can I bring a cake?
    Most rooftops encourage people to bring cakes for special occasions. Please confirm with your rooftop venue that it is ok
  • Can I bring a sign to the game?
    Signs, banners, or advertisements that can be seen from the field of any kind are prohibited.
  • Does the rooftop send us tickets?

    Most rooftops require that you submit an alphabetized guest list prior to game day.

    This list will be used to check in guests at the entrance on game day.
  • Can we change our guest list after it is submitted?
    Most of the rooftops require management approval before changes can be made to a final guest list. Please check with your rooftop's policy.
  • Can pricing change?

    All pricing & availability are subject to change prior to submitting a reservation contract & deposit.
  • Is there a way to Compare Rooftops side by side?
    Please navigate to Compare Rooftops page.

    Check the "Compare" check mark for up to three of the listed rooftops and select the "Compare Rooftops" button at the top or bottom of the page.

    You will then see all of the amenities and options that these rooftop facility offer right next to eachother.
  • Will we be sharing the rooftop with other guests outside of our party?
    Yes, Unless you reserve the entire rooftop (roughly 200 guests per rooftop).
  • What is included in the quoted price?
    The quoted price includes access to the rooftop facility where you and your guests can enjoy all the food and beverages that they can consume while watching the cubs game. Most rooftops allow guests up 1 hour before the start of the game and the catering and beverage service continues through the end of the 7th inning.